Month of Prayer

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Month of Prayer Surrounding the Stories of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada

In recent years, more media attention has been given to the stories of the many missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. As these stories are told, society and individuals cannot stand by, idly allowing this injustice to continue. We invite you to enter into a month of prayer that focuses on the injustices that surround the stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. It is our prayer that we can join together, in prayer, to pray for these women, their families, their perpetrators and their families, the justice system, and their communities. We pray too for healing, justice, and reconciliation among all those involved in each story.

As we approach this month of prayer, we frame each week around the 7 Sacred Teachings (also referred to as the 7 Grandfather Teachings) found in Indigenous cultures. The 7 Sacred Teachings come from Indigenous communities across Canada and although the specific stories associated with these teachings differ between Indigenous groups, the basic teachings remain the same. These teachings were given to many of the Indigenous communities in Canada by Creator as a guide for life. These teachings explained the way human beings were to interact and live with the land, the animals, and their fellow human beings. These 7 Sacred Teachings are passed down from the Elders from generation to generation and they are honoured and recognized as the right way to live on the Earth. The 7 Sacred Teachings are Love, Honesty, Humility, Wisdom, Respect, Courage, and Truth.

Click here to download a PDF of the prayer toolkit.

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