Living the 8th Fire

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“All of you are Christ’s body, and each one is a part of it.” (1 Corinthians 12:27)

Download the full facilitators’ guide here.

Here’s a quick preview of the guide–just the second session of the series.

Want an overview of the curriculum? Here’s a quick Prezi to get you started.

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5935650997_3e6a5c1fd6_z     4546946888_8b74824065_z     What is this curriculum for?

When we sit in Circle after a Blanket Exercise, one of the most common questions is: so now what? We usually respond with encouragement to learn more and build relationships. In a sense Wab Kinew’s invitation to ‘get to know the neighbours’ in this excellent video series is a way to begin some of that learning and living in relationship with Indigenous neighbours. We know that the journey of reconciliation is a challenge, a blessing and a deeply spiritual journey. The 8th Fire videos and this curriculum draw us into this journey in a friendly and moving way. May we be blessed and stretched on this path of Living the 8th Fire of reconciliation together.

Why “8th Fire”?

Anishinaabe people speak of seven prophecies, each corresponding to a “fire” or era of their history.

The fourth prophecy spoke of the light-skinned race, who would come either with a face of brotherhood or a face of death—but telling the difference between these faces would not be an easy task. Other fires foretold migration, warfare, disease, and residential schools.

During the 7th fire, the Anishinaabe people would begin to return to strength after all they had suffered, and the light-skinned race would be given a choice between two roads.

Would they choose the road that leads to mutual destruction or the road of peace and unity?

We offer this curriculum in the hope and prayer that the Creator will help us to choose the good road that leads to the 8th fire of justice and harmony.

You can learn more about the prophecies at the website of the Algonquin Way Cultural Centre.


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    • Hi Denise! We generally run workshops at the request of local churches and groups. If you’re interested in one of our workshops, you can contact us at to start that conversation. 🙂 Thanks for getting in touch! (The response was slow because our communications staffer was away.)


      • Hi Line! We’re hearing that there are a number of people in Edmonton who are interested in participating, so we’re trying to put something together. Could you send your email address to, so that we can contact you if we get a session going in Edmonton? Thanks for getting in touch!


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