Head, Heart, and Hands

You’re more than a walking brain.

So we’ve categorized these resources by head, heart, and hands: the three parts of you that all need to be engaged for  real learning to take place. The applicable categories will show up at the end of each resource post.

5935650997_3e6a5c1fd6_zAre you looking to think through what reconciliation looks like? Try one of the “Head” resources like the article Thoughts on Forgiveness and Aboriginal Residential Schools.

3457600476_0822c93bdb_zHeard a lot of facts but want to imagine walking in your Indigenous neighbour’s shoes? Help your heart learn the history of this land through the Blanket Exercise.

4546946888_8b74824065_zDo you want to get working on reconciliation? Dig into our worship resources, marked with the Hands symbol, and get your congregation talking about the sacred responsibility to reconcile with each other.





Heart image: Flickr user Dorte

Head image: Flickr user Hey Paul Studios

Hands image: Flickr user charamelody